Never before in the history of humanity has the influence of image and information affected our lives as it does

at the present. With the development of the web, the mobile phone, and social media outlets such as WeChat

and Microblogs, the number of images that attracts our attention by far surpasses those of any other period in

human history. As a professional visual media organization doing businessin contemporary society, where ima-

ges are quickly becoming more important in how we see, understand,and interpret our world, IVY Photography

&  Production Studio stands in our clients’ shoes and works with them to develop the right strategy and visual 

representation that best conveys the clients’ brand value totheir target markets. For our clients we have been 

able to distinguish our work, and consequently, their brand, in an ocean of images.

We begin by analyzing the culture of the brand and the client’s needs. We then confer with the client tounder-

stand the message that needs to be communicated to their target market or intended audience.  Wethen dev-

elop what we feel is the best representation to deliver that message to its intended audience.

We assist our clients with services that range from any of their photography or video needs:with photography

we offer services such as product photography,staff image photography, office space or architectural photogr-

aphy, etc.; with video we can producer our clients corporate image or industrial videos, television commercials, 

or short films for online marketing. Our mission is to help our clients thoroughly and effectively convey their br-

and’s message to their intended audience.

Some of our client’s preferred services:

Hotels- when a new hotel has their grand opening they often need image services for their promotionmaterial.

They usually need high quality photography of their gourmet food, attractive images of thehotel interior & ext-

erior, and portraits and group shots of their professional staff . In addition , they need an advertising video or 

short film that presents the story, the ambiance, and the advantages of the hotel. 

Our team can provide the full service. As a complete package, the hotel finds it more efficiently able to unify th-

eir company’s image and brand presence. 

Real Estate - Our real estate clients usually need image services for 3 separate periods: the first period begins 

prior to construction with nothing on the ground to see but a lot where a future development will exist . During 

this period our client needs to start promoting this project to their intended audience . We provide them a  3D 

animation of the building to create the story for their target market . The second period begins when the client 

has a sample apartment or house completed. This is their second round of promotion . We provide a complete 

photo shoot which includes interior and exterior architectural photography, 360º panorama, aerial shots, and

etc..  The third period begins when the entire project with the landscape is completed. This is the clients third 

round of promotion. In this stage they may request additional photography, advertising videos, and microfilms.

Interior Design or Architecture – It is the architect or the designer that makes the reality of a hotel, real estate

or other architectural project come true . It is imperative that they collect their project histories to strengthen

their team and promote their business . We photograph their projects , their office space , and their staff. We 

also create short films of projects in creation or short documentaries on their chief designer or architect, or th-

eir creative director. 

Additional, We can also provide our clients supports in branding concept and graphic design. 
According all the information above, our general services are like below:

Photography: Hotel, Real estate, Various commercial complex, Landscape, Architecture and other space 

building shooting, 360 panorama & aerial, Time-lapse, Interior Design, Corporate Image, Fashion, Product, 

Event, Personalized Portrait, Etc.

Video & Production: Commercial Advertising, Event Video, Industrial Videos, Short Films, Animation, Etc.
Brand design: Brand promotion, logo, name card, menu, packaging, brochure, catalogue, book, website, 


Media Promotion: Sina, Netease, Youku, Baidu, iQIYI, Rayli DECO, NEWSCCN, PChouse,Find Universal 

design micro-channel platform and many other well-known on line medias ans forums.